Innovative Hotel Management

Menlo Hotels is a hospitality management company focused on bringing innovation to an age-old business.

We believe in leveraging technology and using high-touch training to create a quality hotel environment for both our guests and staff members. We seek tools and processes that improve efficiency and transparency in every aspect of the organization, from department operations to the executive suite.

Our company handles all facets of hotel management: accounting, staffing and training, revenue management, purchasing, maintenance and capital improvements. We develop administrative controls to closely manage these functions so our managers can dedicate themselves to customer service. This is how our hotels offer an exceptional guest experience while delivering strong returns to stakeholders.

We have exposure to a variety of major hotel brands and are continually building our knowledge of how to maximize the potential of each and every facility we engage. Our success is rooted in being adaptive and intuitive when evaluating what is best for customers, employees and investors.

With market conditions growing increasingly difficult for the hospitality industry, our mission is to become a model of simplicity and economy in everything that we do. We invite you to contact us and learn more about our approach.